Technology 01


Tuff Cell-Flexlite technologies is a range of surfboards composed of epoxy sandwich, combining high-tech quality fibreglass and resin via vacuum air-bagging technology under strict controls of all parameters. These boards are light yet strong.

Technology 02


Our range of Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards

This is a range of surfboards made with bamboo sheet (or other timber) lamination. The finish is strengthened by air-vacuum technology under very strict temperature and humidity controls, which guarantee durability.
Every layer of bamboo is laminated with high-quality fibreglass from HEXCEL, world leader manufacturer. The bamboo provides an excellent buoyancy and adds strength to the board, reducing dings and punctures. The result is light yet strong and the finished boards have a great aesthetic.

Technology 03


INNEGRA is the most advanced composite material MADE IN USA.

It is an upcoming material that is becoming more popular in different industries. Carbon X Innegra technology is our latest and most advanced technology, we have been working with INNEGRA Inc USA in order to find the perfect balance between material combination, weight, strength and torque that will allow us to offer a light yet durable board that can absorb heavy impacts and shocks, without sacrificing the flex that is needed for a good performance board. Our R&D has found the right lamination process to make the best use of it.
This construction is mainly used for our performance shortboard range and for our wave SUP boards. MOOR”S is a pioneer in the use of such innovative materials in order to offer surfers the best of what technology can offer.

Technology 04


Our range of Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards (or SUP’s – as they’re widely known) will provide you with a unique riding experience. Easy to carry and easier to inflate, you can now explore unknown spots; exercise on lakes and rivers; take to the seas; try it for yoga practice; ride some
waves; or cruise the shore break.
This all-round board is a must have for any adventurer.

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Born in Morocco, MOOR”S is paying tribute to the Moorish people; great creators and innovators of their time. Inspired by Moorish artistic expression that uses calligraphy and geometric shapes, our core celebrates Moroccan surf culture. It’s at the center, the same way a surfer is in a barrel.
MOOR”S sees the origin of surfing as the rise of a wave. Surfing was originated from the POLYNESIAN islands. A vast group of Islands sharing common values of respect, tolerance, strengths and with an incredible agility when it comes to wave riding. Surfing is originally a Polynesian past time, that has conquered the rest of the world.
Coming as a support to other cultures and civilizations, Africa is the mother of all humanity. MOOR”S uses Adinkra symbols to represent this.
MOOR”S uses Inca, Maya and Aztec symbols to represent this part of the world that has left us with an incredible foot print. Modern day Peru is considered to be the birth place of surfing. Today South America is known for its world class waves and surfers.
Australian Aboriginal people believe that life is just like an infinite dream. MOOR”S is using their art to represent ocean waves that never stop and celebrate the magic of life and nature. It is an invitation to enjoy life, surf culture and to continuously follow your dreams.
As a new wave forming, it is representing the development of surfing in many places in the world as it is the case in the Southern of Morocco where Berber ancient civilization is still present and thriving. MOOR”S celebrates the Berber culture to express development, hospitality, discovery, adventure, art and other values that are commonly shared with surfers and surf culture.